Our Team

Our consultants are both literacy experts and experienced building principals, central administrators and former state department of education administrators. They are both local and national experts in their fields, and rely only on research-based strategies. Our approach is to meld into the district, work side-by-side as a partner toward successful outcomes and work diligently and aggressively to accelerate the district, and its schools, to some of the highest achieving in the state. Years of experience has taught us that these are the key ingredients we find in all highly-performing schools. There are no magic bullets in school improvement. It takes hard work to establish these effective systems, structures, and strategies. Schools Cubed has a proven track record to not just “improve” the educational outcomes for schools and districts of under-served students but put them on the “map” as exemplary school districts.  The schools and districts that we have served are typically 90-100% eligible for free and/or reduced lunch, have large ELL populations, as well as significant mobility and mental health concerns.

Pati Montgomery


Ms. Montgomery has a vast background in education which includes being a teacher and administrator with underserved populations, special education administrator, author, national educational consultant specializing in principal and school leadership development, collaborator with State Departments of Education as well as teacher effectiveness and union-management collaboration teams. Previously, she was the Executive Director of Literacy for the Colorado Department of Education where she was responsible for the implementation of the READ Act. Pati has worked with school principals and superintendents across the country on effective school practices. Her work is steeped in the belief that ALL students can attain high achievement and focuses on school populations comprised of highly diverse learners. To attain such, administrators must use educational research to ensure they are using proven and evidence-based practices that will increase school effectiveness. Pati Montgomery is the lead author of the book entitled, The Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement. The book is a guide for principals and school leaders that highlights efficient systems and structures necessary for school-wide improvement in performance.