School Wide Implementation

Well-established Systems, Structures, and the implementation of the Science of Reading are the key ingredients in all high-performing schools. Schools Cubed uses the research of highly effective schools, and partners with districts and schools leaders to create focused systems of learning.

Some schools may be looking for a more comprehensive path, to ensure that high quality instruction, leading to high achievement, happens for ALL students. We, at Schools Cubed, combine what we know about highly effective schools, and the research behind how children learn to read to transform schools and districts from some of the lowest performing systems in a state, to award-winning schools, earning top honors for achievement and performance. You can learn more about this model by reading about the Standard Implementation in this brochure.

Our consultants are both literacy experts and experienced building principals, central administrators and former state department of education administrators. We work with school leaders across the country to learn and implement effective school practices.

We welcome a conversation about your school, or district’s, specific needs and challenges as it relates to literacy achievement, and would be honored to be a part of your story in changing outcomes for the children in your community.


The partnership begins with a comprehensive audit, using our proprietary Literacy Evaluation Tool (LET) for elementary schools, and the Highly Effective Schools Rubric for secondary schools. Each building will receive an audit, and a customized plan to meet their individual needs.

The LET measures 6 domains deemed to be the most crucial for the youngest learners:

Highly Effective Schools Rubric measures domains more suitable for closing the achievement gap in secondary school systems:


The results from the initial audit will serve as the roadmap for ongoing collaboration and coaching with a Schools Cubed Consultant to improve the literacy ecosystem in a school. After each coaching visit, the school is left with measurable outcomes of the audit, as well as an Instructional Focus, Next Steps, and an Action Plan. Our action steps are manageable, attainable, and focused.

The next visit then begins with ensuring the previous steps have been enacted. This on-going improvement process ensures accountability, an aligned vision for each school with their direct supervisor, and a very visible instructional focus for the entire staff to work toward.

Implementation Cycle

For sustainable and dramatic results, we recommend a 3-5 year training, coaching, and implementation plan that incorporates a gradual release model. Our goal is to work our way out of a job, leaving all schools with self-sustaining systems that produce high achievement for ALL students.

Rural schools have very different challenges and needs than their urban and suburban counterparts. To develop the best-in-class partnership models for large and small schools, we have drawn on our years of experience as successful school leaders who understand challenges of both urban and rural school systems. The recommended models have worked in 100% of our school partnerships. 
Rural Schools
Urban Suburban Schools
The model illustrated, which yields high results, is a typical approach for schools in a mid to-large district. Schools Cubed works with our school partners to assure the model developed for your school is 100% successful. Please contact us for a plan to meet your school’s academic and financial needs.

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