Creating school systems, structures and strategies.

Systems and Structures for Schools

Being a building principal isn’t easy! Schools Cubed is a building principals go-to website for resources such as lesson plan templates, unit plan templates, schedule building, data protocols and so on. Our public share spot will enable users to post documents and resources that they have found useful. With a job this tough, we have to work together. And, by helping each other, we help our kids!

Schedule Builder

Our schedule builder allows you to quickly create a school schedule. Insert your instructional hours, drop and drag your content; overlay your resources such as special education and paraprofessional staff.

In Education Today

Our weekly blog explores what’s happening in education today and the possible implications for building principals. We’ll blog about everything from assessment to school discipline. We hope our blogs provide you with some helpful information and insights to use along the way.

Need Some Help?

We empower principals to create systems and structures that evolve into learning communities for increased student outcomes. Our team specializes in professional development of instructional strategies in all content areas and levels.


We made sure to design our site so no matter what device you’re viewing it on, whether it be a desktop computer, a tablet or your phone, you always get the information you need delivered in a format you can use.


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Welcome to Schools Cubed

Welcome to Schools Cubed

Nov 09,  2015

Welcome to Schools Cubed. We are a new organization with the primary interest of helping schools and districts succeed. Though we may be new, our organization is comprised of individuals…

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